7 Foods that can Cause Prostate Cancer

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It seems these days there is always another food type causing one major issue or the other. While in the past our ancestors seem to have gotten along with eating just about anything, take a little too much of this or that, and there is another article on the internet telling you why that’s bad. This is no different. This article talks about the different food types that can cause you to have prostate cancer.

While little quantities of the food types mentioned in this article may not cause prostate cancer, imbibing them in large quantities will, especially if you are already predisposed as an individual.

Milk and Dairy

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foods that cause cancer

Typically these food types are great because of their protein and Calcium content, which are good for the body. However, a research carried out in 2001 by Harvard researchers of the School of Public Health followed 20,885 cases handled by doctors for 11 years and found that men who had more than 600mg of calcium daily had a 32% risk of prostate cancer. According to the European Investigation of Cancer & Nutrition, after a study of 142,251 men, individuals with high consumptions of protein and calcium showed an increased risk of prostate cancer.

Reversal:  If you really need your milk and cheese, try and make sure they come from cows not infected with bovine growth hormone or BGH.

Calcium Supplements

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Calcium has been linked to calcification of the prostate which leads to prostate cancer, according to articles from Mayo Clinic. This is especially dangerous because consumption of most dairy products in milk and yoghurt increasingly seem to be on the rise. It is worse off that calcium supplements for those unable to get natural source of calcium is also increasingly prescribed. We conducted our own research here at Orgasms NG and we can categorically state that if you need to maintain a diet rich in calcium, it is better to stick to vegetable sources of calcium rather than dairy, such as cabbage, sesame seeds and spinach.

Bio-enhanced red meat

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Two-third of the cows in the US are typically given antibiotics & hormone (Testosterone and Estrogen) enhancers, lace corn, soybean and other grains to fatten them up against the natural grass level. The steroids and hormones such as IGF -1 that these cattle develop are bad for your prostate when ingested from the red meat. Usually, this would not be a problem for most our readers on Orgasms NG, as most beef grown in Nigeria is organic from top to bottom.

The next food type however, would.


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Grilling red meat over fire at high temperature can cause several reactions which gives birth to two groups of chemical such as heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are highly carcinogenic, not only causing prostate cancer but other types of cancer. You do not want to get to heaven with an enlarged prostate and have to explain to the angels that it was suya that brought you down.

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PFOA in Popcorn - Orgasmsng.wordpress.com

Now who watches a movie without popcorn? Easily one of the most satisfying snacks, it can be dangerous if not prepared properly over a pan. When popped in a microwave bag, popcorn is bad news because microwave bags are lined with perfluoro-octanoic acid (PFOA) which upon accumulating in the body can cause cancer. Makers of PFOA had agreed to stop making it in 2015, and while it may not be found much in developed countries, places like Nigeria in West Africa may be a dumping ground for old stock.

Tinned tomatoes

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Tomatoes are great for improving your prostrate health. Lycopene which is an important constituent of tomatoes is an antioxidant that has been shown to not only prevent prostate cancer, but also have major effects in reducing tumor growth in men.

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It is another story entirely with tinned tomatoes. The aluminum cans in which tinned tomatoes come are lined with bisphenol-A while is a synthetic estrogen that can leach into the tomato paste. High estrogen levels have been shown to result in secretions of prolactin and other hormones which cause enlargements of the prostate. Some companies are investing in estrogen-free cans or BPA-free, but it is as yet unclear how far reaching this is in Nigeria. As a result, we advise eating only fresh tomatoes and if you need tomato paste, you can always grind or blend yourself.

French fries

French fries vs Prostate - Orgasmsng.wordpress.com

Speaking of tomato paste and ketchup, yup! French fries are very unhealthy. All of that saturated fats and salts, and let us not talk of the acrylamide (a carcinogen) which is produced during frying of potatoes. Not to talk of enhanced potatoes that have been fed with pesticides, herbicides and fungicides like glyphosate, which have been shown to be highly carcinogenic.

What to do?

So, we have talked extensively about what foods can cause prostate cancer, so now what to do about it?

  • First check out our posts on the food you should be eating such as:

Link: Tomatoes and other foods you should be eating

Link: Foods that prevent prostate cancer

  • Stick to buying organic foods where you can.
  • Rather than go for supplements, buy plant based sources of the nutrients you need. Not only are they less likely to be harmful, but they contain fibre which is a necessary tool for reducing carcinogens from the body.

Why not hit us up in the comments let’s answer some more of your questions?

Images sourced from: Google

References: Mayo Clinic, US FDA, NAFDAC

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