The Choir Mistress

The first time Sotonye came to his house, she did not come alone. She had gone over with her entire evangelism team as part of their weekend outreach to push the power of faith into the neighbourhood. They had prayed for success in their mission before they set out, a prayer that Sotonye has only half-listened to. However, the instant they entered Nosa’s fenced compound, she wished they had also prayed against temptation.

Nosa had been working out in the compound, as they entered, his well-muscled arms pulling him up and down a horizontal metal bar which was a part of the overhead tank’s stanchions. His body was slathered in sweat which seemed to make the muscles ripple underneath his skin as he moved.

They had gotten his name and invited him to church the next day, all the while Sotonye tried not to meet his eyes, even though she could feel them focused on her, a red gaze that seemed to strip her of the sensible tshirt and denim skirt she wore and drink in every inch of her being. She squeezed the pamphlet in her hands and struggled to bring her thoughts to focus, while at her centre she felt all-too familiar stirring she thought she had left behind.

I’ll need to change these panties, she thought.

“So, when will I see you again?” came the voice, breaking into her thoughts.

“Sir? Nosa?” she stuttered, trying to gather her senses.

“I said,” he smiled slightly, stepping close to her. He obviously could see what effects he was having on her. She felt her face go warm. “When will I hope to see you again, if I do not come for service tomorrow, that is?”

He was close enough for her to feel the heat of his body, waves of energy that seemed to radiate off his powerful form. He was so close now that she could simply reach out with an arm and hold those rock hard slabs of muscle on his chest. She ignored the volcano of butterflies that had erupted in her stomach and yanked her thoughts back savagely.

“You better don’t miss service, or I will come down here every day and drag you myself.”

“I’ll count on it,” he smiled.

As she and her team walked out of the compound, she could feel his eyes on her back, as she struggled not to sway her buttocks too much.

Sotonye barely slept that night. She tossed and turned, afraid to allow sleep take over, scared because she knew where her dreams will take her, a poison well of desire, the slap of flesh, echoing moans of sinful pleasure. No, she would not sleep.

She pressed her legs together, trying to hold in the flood that threatened to overwhelm her. Her hands strayed by themselves to where she was swollen already and wet. She knew he would not come to church the next day. She knew she would have no choice but to go to his house for follow-up. And she knew she was looking forward to it.

“I am counting on it,” he said.

She was at his compound the following evening. She had done her hair back, in what she told herself was a severe style, but which really brought out her face and showed off her cheekbones. She was dressed in a simple, grey, cotton, button-down gown. Free-flowing to hide her curves, as she told herself, but stopping just a half-inch shy of her knees.

She did not find him in the compound this time, and she did not want to knock on a random door, so she loitered in the compound for a bit until a neighbor came out who she could ask for Nosa’s apartment. She was directed and then she knocked on the door. He was wearing just a pair of shorts, every inch of his visible skin looking like carved ebony.

“I knew I could count on you,” he smiled.

“Oh really? Is that why you did not come for service?” she countered.

He let her into his flat, a tiny studio apartment with a chair and table off to one side and a wide bed with too many pillows on the other side. She sat pointedly at the table.

“I had an injury while playing football after my workout yesterday, that’s why I was unable to come.”

“Injury? Where?”

“Oh, it is not visible. It’s massive aches on my thighs and neck though.”

Her eyes involuntarily flicked to those portions as he spoke, concern and lust battling within her mind.

“Sorry. Pele.”

“Shouldn’t this be where you lay your healing hands on me?” he teased.

“It does not work like that,” she retorted. “What you need are painkillers and a massage.”

“Well, as a matter of fact, I just took some painkillers and I have a tub of ori right here.” He brought out a tub of shea butter from a drawer right beside the bed, she could see several rolls of condoms there too.

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“What…?” she started, her heart doing a little backflip.

“You are going to heal me,” he smiled.

Five minutes later, as she sat on the bed, her hands kneading his shoulder, she wondered at all the choices that had led her to this point right now. Here she was, in a stranger’s room, running her hands over his smooth back, feeling every undulating muscle, tracing every inch of his skin. She could feel the power within the body, could sense what those wide shoulders were capable of doing if they gripped her, pulled her close, ground into her, mashing her body into his. She was still lost in her thoughts, her hands simply moving of their own accord when he suddenly turned around and took her in his arms for a kiss.

In retrospect, she knew she could have resisted, should have resisted, but she did not want to. Every motion she had made on his body had awakened nascent desires. She knew she wanted him. She opened her mouth wider and took his tongue with hers. His kiss melted her and she moaned into his mouth, the hot air seeming to excite him even further.

He lay her on the bed, still kissing her, while his hands roved her body. Touching her, exciting her, arousing pleasures she did not even know she could feel. She could hear panting, hot, desperate sounds, and it took her some seconds to realize they were coming from her mouth. Then her clothes were off, and she was naked under him. She had not noticed, so enthralled under his kisses, as he had unbuttoned her gown and eased it off her shoulder. Completely bare, her breasts hardened into stiff points of desperate need, she reached her hands out to him. Her hands slid down his muscled body to his throbbing penis. When had he taken off his clothes? Her mind wondered idly. She had known he would be big, you don’t pack that many muscles on your arm without some on your dick, but she had not known he would be that big. For a second, she panicked at the thought of the pain. Then she held it, felt the corded veins running the length of the black shaft, and the thought flew out of her head.

“Now, please,” she panted.

Nosa took his time. He reached across from her for the drawer beside the bed and took out a roll of condoms. Tearing off one, he quickly opened it and slipped it over his erect penis. He noted how her eyes tracked his length and girth as he wore the condom. He leaned over her again.

By this time, Sotonye was shivering. Every time his skin brushed against hers, it sent quivers through her. She did not know how long she had missed this. He leaned over her again, after wearing the condom over that thick dick, and took her nipples in his mouth. She screamed in ecstasy. He began to rub his body over hers, sliding his firm abs over her softness, her nipples still in his mouth, then under his hands. Then he was lifting her slightly, his actions belying a little urgency now, rubbing down the small of her back, cupping her bum. He was squeezing her bum and sucking her boobs at the same time. She was certain was going to die, the pleasures seemed to be coming from everywhere at once. Then suddenly, without any warning, he slid into her wetness.

Sotonye came immediately.

As he slid into her, his hot shaft sliding into her dripping wetness, her pussy seemed to widen to let him in and then slap down on his dick tightly. The pleasure was too much. He was all over her, in her, around her, holding her. She could not take it anymore, she exploded in an orgasm. Every sense seemed like it was on fire. She could not control her voice, or her screams or her moans. She bucked and squirmed and tossed about the bed, but his dick was still in her and her movements only served to move him in and out. As the tremors began to subside, Nosa started moving again. Sliding deep in her in even strokes that threatened to push her over the edge.

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“Oh my god, this is so good. Oh god! This is so good! Uhm…” she moaned as she collapsed into another orgasm.

Minutes later she was slumped across his chest. She didn’t know how. Her mouth slightly open and breathing hard, her heartbeat slowly coming back to normal.

“Oh my goodness, I can’t leave your house now until dark. I am sure your neighbours heard me.”

Nosa chuckled. “I am sure the whole city heard you. I didn’t know you could scream so loud.”

“Hehe.” Sotonye laughed. “That’s why you should have come for service. I am the choir mistress.”

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